Listen Audiobook Player [5.2.4] build 983: Enhancing Android Audiobook Listening

Listen Audiobook Player is a feature-rich and user-friendly app designed for Android devices, offering a unique and immersive experience for audiobook enthusiasts.

Created by, Listen stands out as a dedicated audiobook player with a focus on simplicity, customization, and functionality.

Since its introduction to the Android market, Listen Audiobook Player has gained popularity for its intuitive design and a robust set of features tailored specifically for audiobook consumption.

Creation and Purpose:

Listen Audiobook Player was created to address the need for a specialized app dedicated to audiobook playback on Android devices.

As audiobooks gained popularity as a convenient and immersive way to consume literature, Listen emerged as a solution to provide users with a tailored experience.

The app was first introduced to the Android community to offer a feature-rich audiobook player that goes beyond the capabilities of generic media players, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for audiobook lovers.


The primary purpose of Listen Audiobook Player is to provide users with a superior audiobook listening experience.

The app is designed for audiobook enthusiasts who seek a dedicated player that not only plays audio content but also offers features specifically crafted for the unique requirements of audiobook consumption.

Listen aims to enhance the enjoyment of audiobooks through thoughtful design, customization options, and a range of features catering to diverse user preferences.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive Interface: Listen Audiobook Player boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their audiobook library.
  2. Bookmarking and Sleep Timer: The app includes features such as bookmarking, allowing users to save their progress in audiobooks, and a sleep timer for convenient listening before bedtime.
  3. Variable Playback Speed: Users can adjust the playback speed, enabling them to consume audiobooks at a pace that suits their preferences.
  4. Customizable Themes: Listen offers customizable themes, allowing users to personalize the app’s appearance to match their style and preferences.
  5. Chapter Navigation: The app provides easy chapter navigation, enabling users to jump to specific sections of an audiobook effortlessly.
  6. Integration with Cloud Services: Users can seamlessly integrate Listen Audiobook Player with cloud services, making it easy to access their audiobook library across multiple devices.

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Why Listen Audiobook Player is Recommended?

Listen Audiobook Player is recommended for several compelling reasons:

  1. Dedicated Audiobook Features: Unlike generic media players, Listen is tailored specifically for audiobook consumption, offering features like bookmarking and variable playback speed.
  2. Intuitive Design: The app’s intuitive design makes it accessible for users of all experience levels, providing a straightforward and enjoyable audiobook listening experience.
  3. Customization Options: Listen allows users to personalize their experience through customizable themes, providing a visually pleasing interface that aligns with individual preferences.
  4. Enhanced Functionality: With features such as cloud integration and chapter navigation, Listen enhances the overall functionality of audiobook playback on Android devices.


  1. Optimized Audiobook Experience: Listen is crafted to optimize the audiobook listening experience, ensuring that users can immerse themselves in their favorite stories with ease.
  2. Effortless Navigation: The app’s chapter navigation and bookmarking features make it easy for users to navigate through audiobooks, track their progress, and pick up where they left off.
  3. Time-Saving Playback Speed: The variable playback speed feature allows users to save time by adjusting the speed of audiobook playback according to their preferences.
  4. Personalization: Listen’s customization options enable users to tailor the app’s appearance to suit their style, adding a personal touch to the audiobook listening experience.

System Requirements:

Certainly! Here are the system requirements for downloading Listen Audiobook Player, presented in a table format:

Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and above
Storage SpaceMinimum 20MB of free space
RAM1GB or higher
PermissionsAccess to storage, media, and device features

Common User Reviews:

User reviews for Listen Audiobook Player consistently highlight the app’s ease of use, thoughtful features, and the enhanced experience it provides for audiobook enthusiasts.

Users often appreciate the intuitive interface, customization options, and the app’s ability to seamlessly integrate with cloud services.

While individual experiences may vary, the positive reviews indicate a high level of user satisfaction with Listen.


Listen Audiobook Player is generally available as a freemium app, with a free version offering basic functionality and a premium version unlocking additional features. Activation typically involves upgrading to the premium version through in-app purchases, providing users with access to advanced features and customization options.

In conclusion, Listen Audiobook Player stands as a commendable choice for Android users who are passionate about audiobooks.

With its dedicated features, user-friendly interface, and customization options, Listen offers an enriched audiobook listening experience, making it a recommended app for those who seek a specialized and enjoyable way to consume audio content on their Android devices.