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In an age where communication is largely digital, the ability to record phone conversations can be invaluable for various purposes.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is a feature-rich mobile app designed to meet this need. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what Call Recorder – Cube ACR is, its creation history, its primary purposes, key features, reasons why it’s recommended, its benefits, system requirements for downloading, common user reviews, and how to activate this software.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a deep understanding of Call Recorder – Cube ACR and its significance in the world of call recording.

What is Call Recorder – Cube ACR?

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is a mobile application developed by Cube Apps. It is specifically designed to record phone calls, providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for capturing and preserving conversations on Android devices. The app has gained popularity for its robust set of features and the ability to record phone calls seamlessly.

When Was Call Recorder – Cube ACR Created?

Call Recorder – Cube ACR has been continuously developed and improved since its initial release. The software has seen several updates, with each new version introducing enhancements and compatibility improvements.

Purpose of Call Recorder – Cube ACR:

The primary purpose of Call Recorder – Cube ACR is to record phone calls for various reasons, including:

  1. Documentation: Users can document important conversations for legal, professional, or personal purposes.
  2. Evidence Gathering: The app can be used to collect evidence or proof of conversations in situations where it may be required.
  3. Memory Preservation: Call recording helps preserve memories of personal conversations and special moments.
  4. Professional Use: It is valuable for professionals in fields such as journalism, customer service, and sales who may need to refer back to conversations.
  5. Quality Assurance: Businesses can use it to maintain a record of customer interactions for quality assurance and training purposes.

Key Features of Call Recorder – Cube ACR:

Call Recorder – Cube ACR offers a variety of key features that make it an exceptional call-recording app:

  1. Automatic Recording: The app can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Recorded Call Management: Users can manage their recorded calls, categorize them, and add notes for easy reference.
  3. Cloud Backup: The software allows users to back up their recorded calls to cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  4. In-App Playback: Users can listen to recorded calls within the app, making it convenient for review and reference.
  5. Scheduled Recording: Call Recorder – Cube ACR supports scheduled call recording, allowing users to specify which calls to record in advance.
  6. Voice Recording: In addition to call recording, users can also record voice notes.
  7. Search Functionality: The app offers a powerful search feature for quickly finding specific recorded calls.

Why Is Call Recorder – Cube ACR Recommended?

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is recommended for several reasons:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The app is easy to use, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users.
  2. Reliability: It has a reputation for being a dependable call-recording solution that works smoothly on a wide range of Android devices.
  3. Feature-Rich: It offers an array of features that cater to various call recording needs.
  4. Regular Updates: Continuous updates ensure the app remains compatible with the latest Android versions.
  5. Security: The app emphasizes the privacy and security of recorded calls, making users feel at ease about their sensitive conversations.

Benefits of Call Recorder – Cube ACR:

Utilizing this software offers numerous benefits for users who require call-recording capabilities:

  1. Documentation: Important conversations, agreements, or instructions can be documented for future reference.
  2. Legal and Professional Use: Lawyers, journalists, and customer service representatives can rely on recorded calls for legal and professional purposes.
  3. Convenience: The app’s automatic and scheduled recording features make it convenient and efficient.
  4. Quality Assurance: For businesses, call recording can serve as a tool for quality assurance and training.
  5. Evidence Collection: Users can collect evidence for disputes or conflicts that may arise in their personal or professional lives.

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System Requirements for Downloading Call Recorder – Cube ACR:

To download and use Cube ACR, your Android device must meet the following minimum system requirements:

Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and up
Storage SpaceVaries with device
PermissionsAccess to phone calls and storage
Internet ConnectionRequired for cloud backup feature

Common User Reviews:

Call Recorder – Cube ACR has received positive feedback from users, with common reviews highlighting:

  • User-1: “Cube ACR is a lifesaver! It’s so easy to use, and the call recording quality is excellent.”
  • User-2: “I’ve tried other call recording apps, but Cube ACR is by far the best. It’s reliable and has all the features I need.”
  • User-3: “As a journalist, Cube ACR helps me keep accurate records of my interviews. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who conducts phone interviews.”
  • User-4: “I love the cloud backup feature in Cube ACR. I never have to worry about losing my recordings.”
  • User-5: “Cube ACR is simple yet powerful. I appreciate how it seamlessly integrates into my daily phone usage.”

People Also Ask (PAA):

  • Is Cube ACR free to use?
    • Yes, Cube ACR offers a free version with basic features, but there is also a premium version available with additional features.
  • Is Cube ACR legal to use?
    • The legality of call recording varies by jurisdiction. Users should familiarize themselves with local laws and regulations regarding call recording before using Cube ACR.
  • Does Cube ACR consume a lot of battery?
    • Cube ACR is designed to minimize battery consumption during call recording. However, excessive use may still impact battery life.
  • Can Cube ACR record VoIP calls?
    • Cube ACR primarily records standard phone calls. Recording VoIP calls may require additional configuration or may not be supported, depending on the app and service used for VoIP calls.
  • Does Cube ACR support recording in multiple formats?
    • Yes, Cube ACR supports recording in various formats, including MP3, WAV, and OGG, allowing users to choose the format that best suits their needs.

How to Activate Call Recorder – Cube ACR?

Activating Call Recorder – Cube ACR typically involves these steps:

  1. Download: Install the Call Recorder – Cube ACR app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Permission Setup: When you launch the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to grant necessary permissions, including access to your phone calls and storage.
  3. Configuration: Configure the app according to your preferences, including automatic recording settings and cloud backup options.
  4. Recording Calls: Once the app is set up, it will automatically record incoming and outgoing calls. You can access and manage these recordings within the app.


Call Recorder – Cube ACR is a versatile and feature-rich mobile application designed to meet the need for call recording on Android devices. With its user-friendly interface, automatic recording, cloud backup, and various other features, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for documenting and preserving important conversations.

Whether you need to record calls for legal, professional, or personal reasons, Call Recorder – Cube ACR is a valuable tool that ensures you don’t miss a single word in your conversations.

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